10 months ago

Koan Meditation by Sandra Markcrow

A Koan is a question or a puzzle given to a meditator to contemplate during a meditation session. The object is to think long and hard about the question and try to solve the puzzle. It does not matter whether you are right or wrong in your conclu read more...

11 months ago

WUSF-TV's Power Yoga goes nationwide.

WUSF Public Broadcasting's full-service video, audio and

multimedia production division, IntellisMedia, has produced a hit show

that's gone nationwide. It's Power Yoga: Body & Mind, a

half-hour show airing Monday t

1 year ago

Medicine :: A Great Yeast Infection Cure

Yeast Infection Cure

A yeast infection is 100% curable, provided you are well aware of the symptoms of it, and you know what kind of treatment strategy you need to follow. Keep in mind that the best yeast infection cure is not necessarily read more...

1 year ago

Yoga - Contraindications For Inversions

As we practice yoga poses we want to do also inversions. Most common inversions are the Headstand and the Shoulderstand. But there are not only those two poses which are the inverted asanas.

Any posture in which the head is below the heart read more...

1 year ago

Tree Pose in Yoga

According to yoga, it is a calm and well-nourished mind which leads to a healthy body. That's why, the various yoga poses are performed to balance the mind and body of a person. One of such poses which provides all the yoga health benefits is the read more...

1 year ago

Budokon, made in America, mixes yoga with martial arts | Reuters

NEW YORK Budokon, a workout program developed in 21st century America, blends the ancient mind-body practices of yoga and martial arts into a program that aims to reward followers with conditioning, mindful meditation and progressively colored kar read more...

1 year ago

Ashtanga's moving meditation. - Free Online Library

Ashtanga yoga is a moving meditation; a healing art that brings balance to the body, mind and spirit. It links familiar Hatha yoga poses with Vinyasa. Vinyasa is a combination of breath and movement that results in a dynamic, rejuvenating practice read more...